Do you have questions about GymBull?

What is GymBull?

GymBull is an online culture of fitness. It is a collaboration space and personal repository for fitness information and media.

Who is GymBull for?

We're here for anyone who wants to learn more about fitness, exercise or dieting and all those who want to continue engaging with the fitness community. Whether you actively collection workouts, meal plans, and other information or simply follow other users on GymBull, this is the place for you.
We're also here for the content creators; the members of the fitness community who want to share their insights and practices with everyone else. GymBull is the place to directly engage with your followers on a platform solely dedicated to a fitness lifestyle.

Why not use Facebook, IG, Reddit &c.?

Other social media sites are generally good places to find or publish information; however, the noise of every other topic tends to drown out what you're looking for. Stick to Reddit for great cat videos, Facebook for terrible memes, and Instagram for pictures for the lunch that one girl from high school just had; come to GymBull for fitness.

What can I do with GymBull?

On GymBull you can follow content in the form of detailed workouts, meal plans, or posts and pictures from other users or gyms around the world.
You can search all types of posts directly in their content or through a plethora of tags. Comment and save the content that you like.

Is everything on GymBull legitimate fitness advice?

Nope. But we’re going to treat everyone here like adults who know their strengths and limitations and who can discern for themselves what they can handle.

Why can’t I log in with Facebook or Google+?

Your security and privacy are paramount concerns to the GymBull team; adding third-party dependencies to our code, while convenient now, reduces the control that we have in keeping your information safe. Facebook and Google won't track you unless you let them, and a separate login system opts out of at least one branch of their tracking network.

Is there a mobile app?

No. Mobile applications are quickly becoming a relics of a past when portable devices had to pare down the computing ability of certain programs in order to run them effectively. As browsers become faster and stronger across all platforms, there is no reason to rewrite GymBull when the full site can be easily optimized for any device.
App stores, Android, Apple, Microsoft and the others, are becoming dangerous chokepoints of information on the internet; by strictly controling which content and content providers are presented to a ever-growing percentage of users who exclusively use non-browser applications, the companies that control these stores are becoming increasingly complicit in private and state-sponsored cencorship.

Is my information secure?

GymBull uses industry-leading encryption tools and practices to keep your information safe; we do not store any plain-text passwords in our system. GymBull will never ask you for your password or any other credentials through email.
However, maintaining privacy standards is everybody's responsibility. Use good online practices at all times including unique passwords for each site that you use, regularly updating security software, and adopting open-source tools such as Mozilla Firefox browsers and Linux OS distribution as well as encrypted email and messaging services.

There is something that I don’t like about GymBull; how do I complain?

Please direct all such complaints here.

I have constructive criticism about GymBull; how do I contribute?

Kindly take the time for our short survey.