Training for Ruck Marches

If you break it down, you need to train the major muscle groups of the body - legs and back. Sure your upper body (shoulders and arms) comes into play carrying the backpack and weapon, but you will get most of your exhaustion from the legs and lower back. So, training your legs in running, leg PT, and rucking will build stamina and endurance you need for any type of Army or land navigation training.

There are many ways to develop the legs and torso for the Ruck March. Here are some sample ways pulled from the Army Ranger / SF Prep Workout eBook as well as the other Army Workouts on the Fitness eBook Store.

The Run and Leg PT Workout:

Repeat 4-5 times

- Run 1 mile at your goal pace (6-8:00/mile) (no ruck sack)
- Squats - 30
- Lunges - 20 / leg
- Calves (heel raises) - 30 per leg

Bike and Leg PT:

Repeat 4-5 times

- Bike 5:00 at increasing levels per minute on a Life Cycle type stationary bike
- Squats - 30
- Lunges - 20 / leg
- Calves - 30 per leg

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