intense pyramid

Do 1 exercise per bodypart, 3 x warm up sets doing half reps but fast, 3 x 20,15,10. your 10 rep weight should be 50 percent of your max, then go straight to your max and work your way back down doing as many reps possible till you come to the weight just above what you did on your 10 rep warm up set , you can drop weight by either 5kg per set or 10 kg , 5kg obviously adding intensity and doing more sets but its intense and one exercise per body part is sufficient trust me. example , Deadlifts - 40 kg x 20 reps,60 kg x 15 reps, 80 kg x 10 reps , then straigt to 160 kg x what you can do , then 150 x ? 140 x ? 130 x 120 x ? 110 x ? 100 x ? 90 x ?. you can with deadlifts drop 20 kg per set if you want to but how you drop set is how hard you want to push yourself . Then do the same for bench press and bicep curls.

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