09 Jun 2017

The complete fierce 5 workout program

Many bodybuilders choose to use the protein sparing modified fast as a tool when bulking. After doing a successful psmf diet, some may be looking for a workout program to stay healthy or build muscle. There are many workouts to choose from. The fierce 5 workout regime is made up of five workouts that have been grouped together and normally takes about one hour to complete after including both warm-ups and stretching. The routine generally entails simple and balanced steps that individuals desiring to venture into body building can easily understand. The routine is based on the 3 by 5 workout. This implies that the Pull-downs will be working non-consecutively for three days in a week. Furthermore, he or she will be alternating the workouts. For instance, for workouts A and B; Monday to Tuesday the person will be doing A and resting, then takes B on Wednesday and the cycle continues. Upon following such a routine, the person is expected to be adding at least 5 lbs and 10 lbs to the upper and lower body lifts respectively.

If the individual decides to carry out the reverse flies, the routine increases about 5 lbs but should never exceed 15 lbs per hand when using the DBs. When carrying out leg curls, it will increase 5 lbs each week. However, if the person fails to adhere to such increments because of lack or limited weight equipment then, he or she should be increasing weight each week for an individual exercise routine.

The fierce 5 training regime usually relies on progression, so if the person wants to achieve satisfactory results, they must ensure that they strictly adhere to the program. Therefore, when one clearly monitors the programs, the goals become more attainable.

Carrying out the fierce 5 routines will increase a person’s strength; add muscle mass as well as size. However, the goals of the fierce five workouts are never specific but generally vary from one individual to another.

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