09 Jun 2017

The routine will be carried out nonconsecutively for three days and there will an alternation between workouts. For example, workout A done on Monday proceeded with resting on Tuesday, then resuming on workout B on Wednesday, before resting again on Thursday and continuing with workout A on Friday. In other words, there will be a single resting interval after each day of work out.

Following the program to the letter, the person will be expected to be adding 5lbs and 10 lbs per week to the upper and lower body lifts respectively.

When performing reverse flies, the person should increase weight to 5lbs each month, leg curls increasing 5lbs each week while adding a few reps per week in the case of ab work. However, if the person fails to achieve to such increments because of limited weight equipment, he or she should be increasing weight each week for a single exercise routine.

For example, in the 5 range rep exercises, he or she should add I rep for each set in the weeks when there is no weight increment. For the 8-15, 2 reps should be added for every set during that period when the person was not increasing weight.

To illustrate how compensation of the increments would be done, the following is a progression example.

Beginning Monday, the person can do 200 squats and bench-150
On Wednesday-RDL-200, while the incline-100
On Friday, the person can perform 200 squats and bench-150, then there will be resting on that weekend
On Monday , 10 more squats are added- total 210 and 5 more incline to have incline-105
On Wednesday, 10 more RDL added to get RDL-210 and 5 more bench hence, bench-155
Lastly , Friday-RDL-210,while incline- 105

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