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The training method is designed for those who have minimal time Opens a New Window. to train. For that reason, each workout focuses on compound movements for higher sets and lower reps (a classic method to accumulate heavier tonnage), followed by familiar bodybuilding isolation moves. To help you burn more calories and increase your muscles’ time under tension (a key for growth), Smitley added intensity techniques like dropsets, supersets, and eccentric reps. “Expect to get more work done in less time and an insane, shirt-splitting pump,” he says.

As for the split, there are two upper-body days, divided into push- and pull-based movements, and a lower-body day. Two of the days o er a conditioning component to elevate the heart rate and help with fat burning when your glycogen levels are already depleted at the end of the workout. This also eliminates the need for additional cardio during the rest of the week. Ideally, you’ll take a day of rest between each training session. Smitley recommends a Monday/Wednesday/Friday training split. It’s only three days of work, but don’t think this means it’ll be a breeze. “At the end of each workout,” Smitley says, “you should feel like you got in an amazing training session.”

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