Genesis 6.5

You have three options today:
Option 1 – Active Recovery
Go on a 90 minute hike or ride, unplugged. Enjoy being outdoors and let your
mind wander for a little while.
Option 2 – SPP Training
If you’re training for a specific event like a mud run or an athletic event, use
today to get in some sport specific training for that event.
Option 3 – Super Smash Saturday
For time:
Row 1,000 meters
Complete two rounds of “Cindy” every 250 meters (One round = 5 pull ups, 10
push ups, 15 squats)
Yes, you finish with Cindy after you hit 1,000 meters.

Three rounds for time:
Dumbbell Hang Power Clean x 10 reps, 50/30
Run 400 meters

Five rounds for time:
Pendlay Row x 10 reps, 135/95
Ab Mat Sit Up x 10 reps
Incline Push Up x 10 reps
*Rest 5:00 between workouts
*Scale movements and loading as necessary

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