Blue Falcon 2

Here is another fun workout to do with your workout buddy. It is similar to the previous Blue Falcon Workouts created recently, as you can still push each other until the first one fails. Here is how it works:

Do a "warmup" pushup and squat pyramid with a short 25m (basketball court) run in between each set.


Pushups / Squat Pyramid: Run 25m, 1 pushup, 1 squat run 25m, 2 pushup/2 squats run 25... up to 20/20.

Now, you and your partner pick two exercises to repeat 3 times each. You cannot switch exercises until one of the pair fails at either exercise. Some exercises use opposing muscle groups and some pairs are the same muscle groups, which will make these quick circuits more challenging.

Repeat 3 times (Notes – you cannot stop military press until partner fails at pullups)
Pullups max
Military press max (do at least 25% of your body weight – so 200 lb guy would do 50 lbs (or 2 x 25 DBs)

Repeat 3 times
Bench press max – try 135 lbs for max reps – you will see this one is a tough combo!
Pushups max
*(rest 1 min after both complete both exercises)

Repeat 3 times (timed event – keep moving for 1 minute each round – no rest)
Squats max in 1 minute
Wall sits 1 minute

Repeat 3 times
Pullups max – or hang until partner is done with 10 rows / arm
Rows 10/arm

Repeat 3 times
MJDB#2- until buddy finishes up/down stair crawl or 50m bear crawl
Stair crawls up/down or 50m bear crawl
Run 2.5 miles

Swim OR Ruck (3 miles)

*If swim do 500m warmup
Repeat 10 times
Swim 100m fast free
Swim 50m CSS to catch breath - no rest

Enjoy this 90-120 minute workout. If you do not have time to do the run, ruck, or swim, save for later in the day or another day.

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