03 Apr 2017

Nutritional Goals: Increase Water Intake

Hunger pains in the mid-afternoon or evening are most often interpreted as a sign that we need a snack or light meal to keep us going. However, did you know that often your body is trying to tell you it’s dehydrated? In addition to getting you re-hydrated, increasing your water intake helps remove toxins from the body as well as decreases the urge to unnecessarily snack. Adding more water into our day is also going to help improve our skin, hair, and nails. By flooding our bodies with water, we allow them to flush out the bad and increase the good.

Your goal for this week is to drink 2-3 liters every day. Doing something as simple as keeping a water bottle at your desk or in your purse while running around is going to help be a constant reminder to drink up.

Workout Goals: 5 Workouts – Hypertrophy Stage-Specific Muscle Group Training

Each workout should take between 30 to 45 min. Each video will likely have to be repeated 2 or 3 times! For specifics, please read the description for each workout.

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