Week 5 Wednesday HIIT

You can easily change any of your workouts into a HIIT workout. For example: 1 Minute sprints combined with 30-60 seconds of air squats and repeat. HIIT is extremely popular because it increases your bodies fat burning state while keeping your your training shorter and more effective. It can be applied to anything from running running to more static exercises such as squatting.

When we add HIIT training into our workouts we are able to burn off more adipose (or fat) tissue then traditional slow and steady cardio. The constant fluctuation in intensity will increase metabolism and burn more calories through out the day.

What are some examples of a HIIT workout?

Treadmill speed intervals.

Jog 1 minute
Sprint 1 minute
You can also do this same workout on a spin bike.

Treadmill Incline workout

Set treadmill to your most challenging incline level for 45-90 seconds
Once you have completed your climb bring your pace down to a comfortable walking pace for 60-120 seconds

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