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  1. Tiny img 5955 BMOC
    Handgrenades and Horseshoes - Workout
    Body Parts: Chest/Triceps/abs
    Length: 75 minutes
    Equipment: Machines, cable, free weights, barbells

    Pec Dec 4x10-15
    Flat bench 4x10-15
    Incline Hammer Strength Machine 4x8
    Cable crosses 4x12
    Skullcrushers 4x8
    Reverse-grip cable pressdowns 4x12
    Triceps Press Machine 4X8
    Decline sit up ball throws, 3xFailure
    Cable crunches 3x10
    (all done with low rest)

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  2. Tiny img 5955 BMOC
    Row Row Row - Workout
    Body Parts: Back/biceps/abs
    Equipment: Barbells, dumbbells, cables, hammer strength machines

    45 seconds rest between sets:
    Bent Over Barbell Row: 4x12-10-8-6
    Hammer strength low row machine: 4x12-10-8-6
    Seated row cable machine: 4x12-10-8-Dumbbell rows: 4x12-10-8-6
    High cable row: 4x12-10-8-6
    Trap row w/ rope adjustment, scorpion grip: 4x12-10-8-6
    Preacher curl machine: 4x15
    Barbell spider curls: 4x15
    Dumbbell curls: 4x12, superset with:
    Cable curls - tight grip: 4x12
    Suspended crunches, 4x10 superset with:
    Hanging leg raises: 4x10

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